A Request to parents

  • Parents are advised to pay the school fee, etc. On or before the prescribed due dates.
  • All textbooks and notebooks will be supplied by the school only payment.
  • Ensure that your children come to school without wearing uniform any costly jewels or ornaments.
  • Children’s studies must receive proper attention from the parents. If the children explain the activities of the schools, parents must carefully listen and encourage them to take part in such life activities that would develop their, physique intellect and mental ability.
  • Parents are requested to respond to the invitation from the school for all public functions. They should mingle with the teachers and children.

To Parents

Send your children to school in time with proper school uniform and kerchief.

Let your children attend classes regularly.

Don’t disturb the teachers and students during the class hours Cleanliness should be insisted on them.

Send them school with the required books and other articles Encourage them to do their homework regularly.

Leave may be availed, if necessary, with prior permission Wearing costly ornaments are strictly prohibited.

Guidelines for parents and gardien

Parents are requested to contact the class teachers and principal at least once in a month between 4.00 pm. To 5.00 pm. Parents are requested to sign their child progress report in person from the class teacher after the exam in specified time.

Parents are restricted meeting the children during the class hours. Medical Certificate should be produced if the childs takes leave more than two days.